Lisa’s Story and 2022 Intentions

I went to my first yoga class in 1998 out of spiritual curiosity; I wanted more meaning in my life after graduating from college and feeling depressed and lost — what now? (I went to college for psychology at Michigan and later got a master’s in counseling psychology at LaSalle, outside Philly. I have done some addictions counseling). I saw a flyer in a coffee shop in Ocean City, NJ for an Iyengar yoga class, and I went, mind wide open. I think we did six poses because you know it’s Iyengar — lots of props and time in the pose! I left feeling very calm and intrigued.

I found yoga at my gym shortly after. It was a more physical vinyasa yoga class. I felt vulnerable and insecure because I was so new to yoga and everyone around me seemed like a pro! However, I kept coming back for more because it made me feel strong, beautiful, and grounded. I looked forward to the joy and peace of yoga because I had a boring entry level pharmaceutical job at the time — soul crushing, I can’t do status quo, and I am entrepreneur at heart. Little did I know at the time my new yoga hobby was preparing me for my life’s purpose!

In 2001–2003 I went deep into yoga and practiced often and read everything I could about it. I was living in Denver, CO at the time, healing from my first big break-up and disordered eating and compulsive exercising. Yoga was a soft landing for my recovery. I practiced yoga at Wild Oats grocery store in Wash Park! Very old school, and I have fond memories of the simple single pre-mom life back then.

I got certified to teach Power Vinyasa yoga in 2004 and started teaching in Philadelphia, PA on the Penn Campus. It was a sweaty hot Baptiste yoga studio! (You can only imagine the detoxing going on in that room with college students packing the house). I also taught yoga in gyms, Y’s, sororities, offices, and homes and grabbed another 250 hour vinyasa yoga certification while in Philly AND pregnant (surprise)!

In 2008 I gave birth to my daughter naturally at a birthing center in Bryn Mawr, PA and became a mom! We moved to Austin from Philadelphia when my daughter was only three months old for a “better” life. Moving and transitioning was hard with a newborn and being a new mama. I felt so lost and this massive change only intensified the postpartum depression I was suffering.

I had another baby in 2013 (“planned”). Born at home naturally. That child brought me to my knees (high needs), and I somehow nursed him until 3.5 years old and my daughter to 4 months, if that. Every child is different. And you are different. It’s all learning and unlearning. Forgive yourself. You’re doing your best dear one, trust me, you really are.

Yoga was an integral part of both my pregnancy and birth journeys. I felt that yoga gave me a huge advantage when it came to childbirth. The yoga breathing and tools helped me significantly get through the intensity of contractions and pushing.

I felt called and inspired to share yoga with expecting mothers. In 2009 I trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga and started Austin Prenatal Yoga in 2009! I have been teaching prenatal yoga ever since!

I hopped around various spaces in Austin that first year and even taught out of my home for a year — (you know who you are, your kids are going on 11 now)!

In 2011 Austin Prenatal Yoga anchored and expanded at Heartsong Music in north Austin. We were there for nine generous years! Our last class there (unknowingly at the time) was March 15, 2020. Heartsong closed their physical location shortly after. So much disorientation.

We have been shuffling, adapting, and serving up the prenatal and mOM (postnatal) yoga on Zoom ever since! What a wild experience and journey it has been. So grateful for you staying the path and for technology! In many ways our community became stronger and closer. How beautiful and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and our need for community.

It was surreal and sublime to finally start-up an in-person prenatal yoga class in July 2021 to present! Hopefully more in-person yoga to return in 2022, plus prenatal and postnatal teacher training! Stay tuned.

I also love astrology and gave birth to an astrology business the end of 2020. I offer birth chart readings for all ages. So, you will see me write about astrology in my newsletters because I believe it is a valuable tool for self-inquiry, acceptance, and healing, like yoga. Astrology is also a wonderful parenting tool! Knowing about my kids charts has brought so much more clarity, patience, and peace into my parenting of each one.

That leads me to tell you those two children are now 13.5-year-old (Alexandra) and almost 9-year-old (Dante). They are beautiful children, I love them beyond words, and I am very proud of them. I was in a train wreck of a co-dependent relationship with their father for years, that impacted my self-worth and self-trust.

I am still slowly picking up the pieces from that, finding my strength and voice again, and on a healing journey. I have grief, pain, and trauma just like you.

I had an emotionally and verbally abusive childhood, my mom died in 2010 from cancer, and I had two miscarriages. I have suffered from depression on and off throughout my life. I am a highly sensitive being.

I am a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, and Leo rising with a strong Saturn and Uranus on my chart.

Yoga, astrology, teaching, doing readings, learning to re-parent and regulate myself, conscious mothering, writing, chanting, cultivating connections, clearing the family stories that aren’t mine and writing a new story are all part of my spiritual path and becoming my authentic self.

I am working on my self-worth, trusting my mind, and taking up space. I do not have it all together. I am in peri-menopause, ha! Think pregnancy, postpartum, and adolescence combined into one hell of a package. Good times!

My words for 2022 are courage, care, and boundaries.

I look forward to serving, empowering, and inspiring you on your healing journey.

Thank you for being here. You are a good human and good mom and deserve to be happy and free.

Heal and love yourself.





Astro yoga mama. Empowering mothers to heal, grow, and evolve. Be you. Be whole.

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Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Lisa Young

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Lisa Young

Astro yoga mama. Empowering mothers to heal, grow, and evolve. Be you. Be whole.

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